Technology change can place an incredible burden on a business, and especially its IT organization. The resource strain of an ERP update, or even more so, a move to a completely new technology and application platform, can be especially challenging.

With flexible and robust infrastructure options, combined with highly skilled applications and developer consultants, Venture Technologies can alleviate this strain and allow your team to focus on your change initiatives.

Our technology transition services include:

  • Flexible infrastructure options to house multiple environments of your new applications and converted data, allowing users and development to model, test and train while your own production infrastructure is built out.
  • For JD Edwards, secured and configurable access to the latest release, to help plan and model your future environment
  • Highly skilled consultants can help guide, train, configure and test your new implementation, with proven methods and techniques, to speed the knowledge transfer of your team
  • Legacy systems applications and developer support allows your team to focus on the upgrade or new implementation.

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