In today’s economic climate, IT executives are expected to meet their corporate objectives even though they are forced to reduce their budgets. One way to achieve cost savings is outsourcing server administration and technology activities with Managed Application Services.

Venture Technologies offers enterprise managed application services, administrative (CNC) services, development, hosting and support for a broad range of industries and clients.

Our JD Edwards consultants have an average of 15 years of JD Edwards and industry experience. Many hold professional designations, certifications and advanced degrees.

Application and Developer Services

Our extensive portfolio of managed application services is customizable to meet your current and future needs, while keeping your business running smoothly. We assist users with analyzing issues or updates to their configuration with a flexible structure of hours providing predictable commitments, including:

· Routine assistance and trouble-shooting
· Business process analysis and optimization
· Customizations and integrations
· Reporting
· Training and continuous improvement efforts


Administrative (CNC) Managed Services

Venture Technologies offers custom CNC (Configurable Network Computing) Managed Services that are tailored to your requirements. Our full-service solution offers the combination of experience and expertise. Our CNC team helps to ensure uninterrupted access to your JD Edwards ERP system throughout the course of each day. Administrative (CNC) Managed Services provides:

  • Cost-savings advantages
  • The ability to free up internal IT resources, enabling you to focus on supporting core business functions and other corporate initiatives
  • The ability to access and leverage a pool of experienced CNC consultants
  • The capability to scale up or down resources as needed
  • Database maintenance
  • 24/7 Support from an on-call JD Edwards expert

Administrative (CNC) Managed Services

Services Description
Ongoing Administration Daily system checks and log review, user maintenance, security administration, job schedule administration, printer administration, annual audit support
Package Builds and Deployments Build/compile all changes to JDE code and deploy to clients, application servers, and JAS/HTML servers on various platforms
OMW Change Management Managed migration of modified objects from development through testing and into production
Environment Refreshes Periodic copies of production environment data and/or code to other environments in order to provide valid environments for testing or training
Operational Support Issue applications, troubleshooting and solution implementation, ticket response, ESU applications, participate in disaster recovery testing, technical testing of application in support of infrastructure patching
Project Support Fix current service, tools release implementations, installation and upgrade planning and implementations, performance management

More JD Edwards Services

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