Execute Implementation Metholodgy

Our common sense approach, which integrates people, process and technology, focuses on identifying and prioritizing business requirements early and ensuring all implementation efforts are pointed to meet them. Leveraging deep experience helps our clients implement their business solutions rapidly, economically, and predictably.

Our Execute Implementation Methodology ensures successful implementation through a high degree of project integrity, organization, and user participation. We bring extensive product knowledge and experience to help you take full advantage of the applications and generate the quickest return on your investment.

We believe this scalable and adaptable approach to be highly effective because:

  • It defines ‘gaps’ up-front and breaks work into small, manageable segments
  • ‘Lead from behind’ philosophy maximizes knowledge sharing and establishes internal project ‘champions’
  • It emphasizes project management and quality assurance, providing continual risk management
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A flexible approach

We utilize an accelerated, scalable and adaptable approach which has been proven in successfully completed, cost effective and on-budget projects. It is a starting point for the implementation and designed to speed up the implementation. It is designed to mitigate risk by aggregating the components of the solution into a coherent whole. This approach is fully flexible to account for your specific business needs.

Each phase of our Execute Implementation Methodology includes training and change management to ensure validation throughout each step:

  • Discover Phase includes Project Team Training to build team energy and cohesion from the start.
  • Deliver and Support Phase includes End-user Training delivered by the team leads to build up the key users and allows for testing of user capability
  • User Productivity Kit, in the implementation lifecycle, can be utilized for end-user training materials and change management

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