Keep your notes in JD Edwards organized

If you’re looking to enhance your customer experience and improve communications both internally and externally, you can start benefiting from the efficiency, versatility and accuracy OrderNotes Plus provides.

Your customers have unique needs for each item order placed. They can easily be overlooked, misplaced or forgotten. Keep your order notes in JD Edwards organized and attached to a specific item with OrderNotes Plus.

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OrderNotes Plus JD Edwards Advantages

What is OrderNotes Plus?

Order notes are pieces of communication intended to reach specific people inside and outside an organization. Some of these pieces may be specific to a particular operation, such as order taking or order picking. Other pieces may be specific information intended for only the customer. In any case, communication now has an intended receiver, and not all communication is intended for everyone! OrderNotes Plus prevents information overload to ensure a smooth, efficient process.

Why use OrderNotes Plus?

OrderNotes Plus is an efficient way to communicate internally and with customers. The tool holds a repository of information specific to an item or customer that can be automatically reused over and over to save time and create efficiencies. User will find OrderNotes Plus complements attachments in JD Edwards with more versatility. It acts as a channel to pass the correct pieces of information to the right people, while preventing it from getting to the wrong people.  When it comes down to it, OrderNotes Plus is really about delivering the best customer experience possible.

Item Life Cycle Notes

OrderNotes Plus has a unique functionality that makes it so much more than just simple attachments. Now users can define the life cycle of an item and prevent sales orders from accepting an item before or after its life cycle. For example, you may have certain items that are not supposed to be available during promotional periods, and OrderNotes Plus ensures smooth communication between internal and external functions. Communication around the life cycle of an item order will only be seen by the right people and at the right time.

The functionality is now available for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne versions 9.1.5 and 9.2. Contact us with questions or to set up a demo here.

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