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ERP should be a key component within a broader IT strategy, including digital transformation pathways such as mobility, IoT and adaptability and integration.

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Our upgrade approach helps your company get to that next level without the stress. We leverage the latest tools and support from JD Edwards to prepare for execute your upgrade. Starting with the business case, we help ensure you realize the benefits that may be gained from you organization with the improved functionality.

Join the Growing Upgraded JD Edwards Base

If you upgrade your current JD Edwards environments to 9.2 or upgrade from JD Edwards World to EnterpriseONe, you can enjoy everything has to offer. This includes continuous innovation delivered with premier support for EnterpriseOne 9.2 until at least 2035.

Getting to the newest release of JD Edwards, you will begin to see a better way to compete in the Digital Economy. Take advantage of the latest advances such as Continuous Delivery, Orchestrator, and UXOne.

Continuous Delivery

Upgrades are no longer time consuming with Continuous Delivery in JD Edwards. This Continuous Adoption software engineering approach offers frequent delivery of new enhancements, product innovations and new features in smaller updates that require less cost and disruptive upgrades. These timely product innovations support your business needs for shorter time-to-value cycles.

  • A world without upgrades means your business systems are agile.
  • Updates are frequent making features and maintenance easy to apply.
  • You have control because you decide what to apply and when.

The Orchestrator

The Orchestrator is one of the most significant enhancements to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. It will transform how you use your entire JD Edwards system. All of your data inside your JD Edwards system from financial records, your inventory, manufacturing process and project data can be kept up to date and accurate using the Orchestrator. The Orchestrator collects, processes, and exchanges your JD Edwards data to keep your business processes up to date.

  • Stay up to date and accurate without human intervention with IoT-enabled devices.
  • Integrate external business processes with the Orchestrator to maximize exchange of valuable data
  • Allow your analysts to capture key processes just by recording the steps while using EnterpriseOne.
Accts. Payable Mgr
Accts. Receivable Mgr.


UXOne allows you to reinvent the User Experience by empowering them to take control of their own experience with role-based landing pages and get more work done faster. The Alert, Analyze, Act design principle creates role-based landing pages with all important decision-making data in one place.

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