ERP Integration helps businesses and their bottomline.

The most successful organizations leverage integration technologies such as Dell Boomi and REST APIs to increase business agility, minimize risk, and better manage growth. With ERP integration, organizations can join together it business applications and data.  It eliminates data silos, application sprawl, and the blind spots that often exist with unconnected systems.

ERP data integration provides a single point of access to information that’s created in different departments. With ERP integration, your business gets real-time access to the information needed to make confident business decisions including improvements and corrections.

Developing your Integration Strategy

WhiteLight Group helps organizations develop an integration strategy that addresses the needs that arise from disparate applications. Our Database Administrators have deep experience in managing and maintaining DBMS (database management software management systems) software such as Oracle, IBM, DB2, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Integrations such as ERP and CRM Systems Integration and Quote-to-Cash Configuation, can help you “unlock” the power of your data across the entire organization to streamline, standardize and simply your business processes.

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Our Integration Offerings

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