Data is everywhere. Your business is capturing more data now than ever thanks to innovative tools, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT). These tools make it easier to pull in all types of data including text files, clickstreams, social media, and IoT log files. WhiteLight Group works with you to find the business value hidden in your data to create actionable intelligence.

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Gain greater insights; achieve data-driven outcomes

WhiteLight Group leverages extensive experience to dig deep into your business, identify your needs, define requirements, and make your data work for you. We help you use big data to your advantage so you’re able to:

  • Make smarter decisions faster.
  • Generate more yield.
  • Speed time to production.
  • Create new revenue streams.
  • Perform risk analysis.
  • Ensure data safety.

How We Do It

WhiteLight Group’s team of process experts and experienced developers help you conceive and create enterprise-level IoT solutions that make sense for your business. Sensors, data management, and analytics will capture your critical data, monitor it in real time, analyze historical patterns, and empower you to make proactive, data-driven business decisions.


We provide direction for our clients to explore value, identify key initiatives, and develop high-level planning to establish scope, budget, and project timeline.


We work with you to provide a mutual solution that brings together technical components and implement to create an integrated, operational IoT solution.


We leverage your information to create proactive and predictive system adjustments, information for enterprise transactions, and information for critical analysis.

Get maximum value from your data

Using predictive analytics, we’ll discover patterns in your data that go beyond knowing what has happened—to anticipating what is likely to happen next. We’ll examine your business objectives and look for opportunities to analyze data previously overlooked. We’ll work with you to identify success criteria and help you anticipate how to scale for expansion or fill skill gaps. As analytics recognize regular patterns and become smarter, you’ll gain valuable actionable intelligence.

Real-World Applications of IoT

Food & Beverage

Monitor critical factors and take swift action on alerts to significantly reduce spoilage and costs that accompany wasted inventory.


Proactively manage production efficiency and machine maintenance to minimize downtime.

Transportation & Logistics

Audit fuel purchases compared to miles driven to filter out suspicious activity and minimize costs.

Oil & Gas

Manage spills, emergency shutdowns, and regulatory issues throughout your remote field operations to minimize unplanned well outages and boost crude output.

See IoT in Action

This stored energy manufacturing company was searching for a way to monetize battery usage information and provide additional value to its industrial motive power customers. Learn how WhiteLight Group worked with them to develop a technology strategy and design an enterprise IoT platform.


Connect People, Devices, and Things with VTAssetIQ

VTAssetIQ is an enterprise IOT solution designed to track the location of high valued assets, highly mobile assets, and resources in your organization. By monitoring the location, timing, and movement of people, equipment, and things, your organization can optimize business processes and increase profitability.

Any person with a badge, connected mobile device, or asset with a tag can be identified and monitored. Use AssetIQ to:

  • Understand which assets are used in the warehouse, and how often.
  • Complete accurate asset cycle counts in minutes.
  • Design more proactive preventative maintenance schedules for critical manufacturing equipment, based on real world usage.
  • Understand and improve patient visit durations, wait times, and doctor-to-door durations.
  • Track critical equipment, patients, and staff throughout a hospital.

Learn more about VTAssetIQ and our Enterprise IOT solutions.