With automation, smaller efficiencies are gained faster creating exponential savings and room for innovative growth within the enterprise. Let’s have a look at five processes you can automate across departments with RPA.

Currency Conversion in JD Edwards for any industry using RPA

Challenge: Manually updating the currency conversion rate fields daily in JD Edwards is time-consuming and tedious.

Solution: Using an unattended bot, create an automated process to update currency conversion rates daily in JDE. It captures specified country currency conversion rates from an outside source and enters these rates into a JDE application P0015A.

Result:  Reduced time users spent ono tasks per week; 100% accuracy; improved sales order process for international business; buying decisions based on the most accurate conversion rates available.

Accounting Reconciliation for manufacturing using RPA and JD Edwards Orchestrator

Challenge:  Processing work orders monthly in manufacturing can take significant time away from the departments that oversee them. This results in missed deadlines, human error, and frustrated employees. 150-200 work orders can take 50 hours per month on top of the already strenuous workload.

Solution: Using UIPath RPA and JDE Orchestrator, they went with the option of the SQL Path instead of replicating the manual process with the UI method. The advantage of this method is that it is straightforward data access (the drawback is having to provision the SQL access to the bot). Running all the tables can be run in one query gave them huge efficiencies.

The Steps: The bot runs the process once a month; extracts the data through SQL; manipulates the data; creates a consolidated report; sends an email with the report, and the bot then performs the next action.

Results: 50 hours reduced to 5 seconds; easy to read outputs; zero errors and happy employees.

Accounts Receivable Collections for any Industry using RPA and JD Edwards Orchestrator

Challenge: In accounting, chasing down past due balances from customers is time-consuming and frustrating. This requires a lot of time and delinquent balances are still not always paid off.

Solution:  Software bots obtain the responsibility of notifying past-due customers via text message, email, and even phone. Using UIPath RPA and JD Edwards Orchestrator, the bot runs the credit analysis refresh report. Orchestrator extracts the past due balances using JDE Rest API; The bot processes the data and notifies the customer in several different ways.

Results: Hours of time freed up; balances paid on time; and huge savings.

Cost Rolling Process for Manufacturing

Challenge: If performed using a manual spreadsheet application, the cost roll-up process of adding the direct material, direct labor, and overhead costs to obtain the total manufacturing cost per unit can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and inaccurate.

Solution: Using an unattended bot, the process is run automatically on a weekly basis. The idea is to create the cost group manually, then use the process set functionality to schedule the rest of the steps with the bot.

Result: Reduced time users spend from months to weeks; 100% accuracy; increased product profitability; employee satisfaction

Vendor Management for Manufacturing

Challenge: Global manufacturer needed an automated process that could perform a set of complex data validations.

Solution: A completely manual, expensive, error-prone process was automated using UIPath RPA solution. Using UiPath, the company managed to automate the entire validation process, with the Robot automatically extracting data from ServiceNow web forms and validating VAT, IBAN, USPS, ABN, and duplicate checks in SAP FIP following rules specific to countries (European and Non-European).

Results: The process was streamlined; efficiency was increased with a 100% reduction of manual errors and re-work time; data processing and operational performance quality improvements.

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