Bot Samples

 Using a custom idea assessment, we help you uncover and prioritize the tasks that should be automated using RPA. WhiteLight Group’s Bot Development Team is certified in Kofax, Automation Anywhere and UIPath and backed by our 20+ years experience in JD Edwards and business process automation to ensure the greatest efficiencies and savings.

Here are a few of our WhiteLight Group Bots created specifically for JD Edwards.

Create Branch Plant Item Automation in JD Edwards

The automation collects a form in your email based on the email subject line. The bot then captures all the data from the form to create a branch plant item record.

Available in: Automation Anywhere Bot Store

BOM Change Request Automation in JD Edwards

This automation allows an engineer to make item change requests to a BOM by simply completing a form. The bot does the rest, completing the adjustments in JDE.

Available in: Automation Anywhere Bot Store

Get Sales Order Freight Cost in JD Edwards

This bot allows a user to enter a sales order and run the attended bot. The bot will then capture all necessary data and display shipping rates.

Available in: Automation Anywhere Bot Store

Daily Currency Exchange Bot Update in JD Edwards

The Currency Conversion bot updates the current rates as an unattended bot. You can run it on a schedule or on-demand.

Available in: Automation Anywhere and UIPath Bot Stores

To download our bots on the Automation Anywhere Bot Store or

UIPath Bot Store Click here.

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