Can your manufacturing organization benefit from automating tedious tasks?

Consider this:

  • Does your company have two or more employees who spend most of their day on repetitive tasks?

  • Is lack of organization and chaos reeking havoc within the enterprise?

  • Having trouble hiring or retaining quality help for tasks that require high levels of accuracy?

  • Are your most valued employees tied up with mundane tasks and can’t work on the tasks that move your business ahead?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it is time for you to explore Process Automation and RPA and what it can do for your company.

RPA Workshop

Brought to you by the WhiteLight Group Process Automation Experts

We offer a 1-2 day workshop with our experienced Process Automation Team to identify opportunities for automation and outline the improvements RPA could have on your business.


Here’s how it works:

  1. WhiteLight Group provides a preliminary consultation workshop to identify 1-3 tasks appropriate for RPA automation, along with a complete Justification of Investment document that outlines the scope and timeline of an RPA project, along with the expected ROI. (Sometimes, RPA is not the best solution for a business process challenge, and we can also tell you that, too, identifying other possible solutions.)

  2. If a decision is made to proceed with RPA, WhiteLight Group consultants conduct an in-depth assessment of the first process to be automated. This phase will include an examination of the business applications and systems being used during execution of the task, interviews with key business resources, and an assessment of any underlying technology.

  3. Recommendations may be made to streamline the process before automating, in an effort to extract the maximum ROI value out of the project. Because bots work 24 hours a day, we make an effort to reduce the time-per-task, so the licensed bot can automate as many tasks as possible. This is a vital step for success.

  4. A logic-based RPA workflow is mapped in Visio, modeled and agreed upon by the client and WhiteLight Group project team.

  5. Installing licenses and developing bots is typically the fastest part of the project.

  6. During the final “roll and shake” phase of the project, we roll the bots out to take over responsibility for the task(s) and shake any bugs out of the process.

  7. As part of a rollout, WhiteLight Group also provides a 6-month post-launch project assessment that reviews the security, governance and ROI of the project. Adjustments can be made if desired.