Manufacturing and Distribution

“All of their team members take the time to learn the nuances of your business process so that when they work with you they understand what’s really required. We’ve had a long-standing ‘partnership’ with [WhiteLight Group] and have greatly benefited from this crucial business relationship.”


Consumer Goods

“The team was truly dedicated to not only the success of the project, but to the success of our overall business. The organization brings a level of experience and integrity that makes them unique in today’s marketplace.”


Automotive Manufacturing

“I’ve worked with many different implementation partners in my career. A major determining factor even in software selection hinged on the partnership I knew was achievable with [WhiteLight Group]. I found no other partner in the industry, regardless of the software being selected that I could trust more than you guys (knowledge, professionalism, dedication, hard work, and the list goes on). You have and continue to prove I made the right choice. I cannot thank you enough for what you all bring to the table.”


Public Sector

“When we work with [WhiteLight Group], we don’t have to spend hours explaining where we are coming from or why we may think something is not working because their consultants already know what we’re talking about and are always three steps ahead of us when it comes to troubleshooting issues.”


Capital Equipment

“Our company believes that to be successful you need to be your customers’ essential business partner. Based on our experience with [WhiteLight Group], it’s evident they subscribe to the same philosophy. Using strong project management skills, they successfully orchestrated all the details in small system improvements and full blown system implementations, keeping the projects on track and within budget.”

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