Top 10 Ways the Continuous Delivery Model Benefits Your Business

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As consumers and businesses shift their buying habits to prioritize access and usage over ownership, the market for cloud-based services and software has grown. The rise of the subscription economy and search for faster, simpler ways to deliver technology has led many software developers to adopt the continuous delivery, or continuous innovation, model. In fact, Oracle JD Edwards has announced that they too will deliver all new functionality to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 and JD Edwards World A9.4 as a set of easier-to-consume updates to the existing release.

What is Continuous Delivery?

Continuous delivery (CD) is a software development practice that deploys code changes in small batches. Development, testing, feedback, security, and quality assurance run in a continuous cycle making software delivery faster and more efficient. This automated process benefits both the developer—who can automatically field-test new features and code—and the customer, who receives upgrades including new features and functionality faster than in the traditional software release model. CD also enables customers to update applications without the cost and disruption typically associated with a major upgrade.

According to a recent survey, the top three reasons why businesses adopt the continuous delivery model are to improve product capabilities, keep up with competitors, and meet customer expectations. In that survey, 81% of IT leaders agreed that CD helps organizations bring value to customers and meet business goals. Here are the top ten ways your business benefits from the continuous delivery model:

Top 10 benefits of continuous delivery


1. Automates and speeds the software release process.

Software is built, tested, and produced in short cycles so that it can be delivered to customers faster and more frequently. With this approach, your business makes incremental updates to your application.

2. Consume updates easily.

Smaller code changes make it easier for your business to handle, so you can adopt new releases quickly. Your IT department can spend more time on functionality and less on support.

3. Minimize risk.

Continuous delivery minimizes disruptions to your business. Software updates become routine and predictable and shortens the time-to-value cycle.

4. Gain more control.

Your business no longer has to wait to for major releases to get the market-driven features you need to succeed. Instead, your company has the flexibility to decide when to adopt new releases and how to manage your environment.

5. Get better customer service.

Since frequent testing is part of the continuous delivery process, it reduces the number of issues that arise. Developers can spot and fix issues quickly before they become big problems. And your business benefits from an expanded support window with Premier Support for Oracle JD Edwards.

6. Reduce costs.

Adopt enhancements when they meet your specific business needs, without needing to budget for new IT equipment or other resources typically associated with a major upgrade.

7. Automate software maintenance.

Stay current on EnterpriseOne 9.2 or World A9.4 with continuous delivery releases to receive the latest enhancements, maintenance, regulatory updates, and technology improvements.

8. Lower stress and improve productivity.

Align your IT department with line of business goals. With CD, IT can schedule the adoption of software enhancements based on business needs rather than technology or end-of-support dates.

9. Provide feedback.

With continuous delivery, your business has the opportunity to provide timely feedback on the features and functionality you need and see those changes implemented faster than in the traditional software release model.

10. Improve communication with your software provider.

The continuous delivery model enables you to cultivate a partnership with your software provider as you work together for mutual success.

Confidently plan your business future

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