How Venture Technologies helped Pinnacol Assurance reduce costs and add rich features for their agents with VoIP and UCloud

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Pinnacol has benefitted in multiple ways from its move to hosted VoIP, including better utilization of IT staff, lower phone costs, a reduced data center footprint and associated costs, and greater business resiliency during weather events or natural disasters. Because UCloud is hosted, Venture Technologies manages and maintains the solution and the infrastructure supporting it. This enabled Pinnacol to redeploy the two or three network engineers who used to administer the phone system to more critical business projects.

The prior phone system had taken up five racks in Pinnacol’s data center while UCloud requires none, so Pinnacol has been able to save money on electricity for cooling in its data center.


I really need my technical people working on internal solutions that help our customers, as opposed to changing phone extensions. With UCloud, our helpdesk just calls Venture Technologies and we rarely involve our network engineers.”

                                                 — Tim Marsh, Support Services Manager, Pinnacol Assurance 

By far the biggest benefit delivered by UCloud was the ability for Pinnacol employees to work from home. On the legacy system, the company had 50 licenses, so only 50 of the more than 600 employees could be logged into the phone at any given moment. With UCloud, Pinnacol can have an unlimited number of people connected to VoIP securely, from anywhere.

These benefits and more make UCloud an extremely cost-effective telephone and collaboration solution for Pinnacol Assurance. Marsh said the company has no regrets about making the switch to hosted VoIP.

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