WhiteLight Group made the Milwaukee Business Journal’s Largest Milwaukee-Area Computer Consulting Firms List! We are honored to share the spotlight with 24 other premier firms in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.

WhiteLight Group is a technology consulting and business applications firm that focuses on delivering best-in-class solutions for mid and upmarket entities. We help enterprises find practical uses of emerging technologies as a means of driving high performance and competitive advantage. Our core business model revolves around solution architecture, customer experience (CX), ERP and IoT connectivity.

The biggest challenge we face right now is in managing demand and resources for technologies, which are of varying levels of maturity. Newer, innovative solutions require a different mindset and skillset than more mature business applications. The generational changes we are encountering in the workforce are having a dramatic impact on our clients, as those highly experienced in mature technologies begin to leave the workforce. We need the younger generations to fill the voids left by this group while still providing business-effective technology.

Newer solutions, such as Industrial Internet, brings this paradigm together as we need to have sensor-based technology communicate seamlessly with core business systems. Vendors are working feverishly to facilitate this, but the pace is fast and breadth of applications limited only by the imagination.

Check out our blog to see what we’ve been focusing on in emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, Industrial Internet and mobile ERP.