Authored by: Mark Modricker

Did anyone read this article in fierce mobile today? Interesting perspective:

This is reminiscent to the days of Analog, Digital, CDMA, GSM, and TDMA in the cellular world. No clear standard and every manufacturer doing their own thing. There are so many choices in designing and building a mobile application, NO WONDER why organizations struggle. No one knows where the herd is headed. It’s all about controlling turf and standards and trying to lead the pack. I guess you could chalk it all up to the free market.

It’s no wonder why there is so much turmoil in the space. There are also a lot of pretenders. A lot of people saying they can write mobile apps. Corporate names are thrown around these days in the app. dev. world quicker than you can count.

People are worried whatever mobile application they develop today will no longer be viable TOMORROW, and they have good reason to think this. Future proofing against an ever changing landscape of Devices, operating systems, browsers, versions, etc…is maddening. No one can keep track. I think the best people can do it damage control.

I have to believe that if there was a SOUND standards body for the app dev space, it would quiet a lot of people’s nerves. The best route to go for app dev is to stay native…at least you got THAT going for you. Plus you have the added built in benefit of load balancing the compliance issues with the manufacturer.

But then again, when you have you seen anything in our world really run smoothly?

We can send a spaceship out of our solar system, but we can all agree on global standards for mobile/apps. Sad eh?