Business Applications

Improve business processes with seamless application integration.

WhiteLight Group combines best-in-class applications with a proven implementation approach to deliver improved business processes, expanded capabilities and increased application value.


Along with our comprehensive offerings for ERP solutions for JD Edwards and Oracle’s ERP Cloud, we can extend our JD Edwards offerings with hosted and subscription-based options, transition services, testing and prototyping, mobility, IoT and enterprise managed applications services. With our own infrastructure, we can now provide seamless integration with 3rd party applications.

We offer:

  • Implementations and Upgrades
  • Technical Developments
  • Application Services
  • Development and Support

Enterprise Business Systems

WhiteLight Group is passionate about the value proven to customers by JD Edwards applications. Implemented properly, they provide the lowest total cost of ownership and quickest return on investment.

Enterprise Cloud JD Edwards

Delivering premise infrastructure solutions, collaboration solutions and cloud services, Enterprise Cloud JD Edwards is an all-in-one platform built for your ERP environment. With less risk and cost, this cloud offering helps you gain elasticity, agility, computing power and storage capacity and so much more. Imagine seamlessly integrating your cloud and collaboration solutions with your ERP. Learn more about Enterprise Cloud JD Edwards here.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

WhiteLight Group is an Oracle-certified solution reseller and system integrator for the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne suite of applications. We understand all the newest features and releases within the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Suite, including One View Reporting and EnterpriseOne pages in the Tools Release 9.1 Update 2.

JD Edwards World

Built for the IBM iSeries platform, Oracle’s JD Edwards World applications offer businesses a world-class solution to streamline business processes and realize operational excellence. Designed to support complex business operations with minimal operational costs, JD Edwards World features tightly integrated, pre-bundled applications. Like EnterpriseOne, JD Edwards World provides extensive core, operational, and specific industry functionality for organizations of any size.

OrderNotes Plus

Your customers have unique needs for each item order placed. They can easily be overlooked, misplaced or forgotten. Keep your order notes in JD Edwards organized and attached to a specific item with OrderNotes Plus. The functionality is now available for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne versions 9.1.5 and 9.2. Learn more about OrderNotes Plus here. 

QuickSmart Configurator

The WhiteLight QuickSmart Configurator is an extension of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Configurator module, and affects the areas of inventory management, sales order management, and manufacturing management. Oracle JD Edwards customers benefit from this product by significantly expanding their ability to use features and options to select product during sales order entry. It also enables them to automate the creation of item and manufacturing setup steps. Learn more about QuickSmart Configurator here.

Oracle ERP Cloud

Oracle ERP Cloud is an integrated suite that transforms your back office into a collaborative, efficient, and intuitive hub. Refocus your IT spend on driving innovation so that you can redirect resources to improve operations and business performance. With Oracle ERP Cloud, your organization can:

  • Reduce costs with fewer ERP systems and an Opex expenditure model
  • Improve operational efficiency and productivity with simplified business processes
  • Deploy enterprise-grade software quickly and easily
  • Extend functionality as needed to CRM, Human Capital Management and Supply Chain Management

Service Offerings


Our approach focuses on identifying and prioritizing business requirements early and ensuring all implementation efforts are pointed to meet them. Leveraging deep experience helps our clients implement their business solutions rapidly, economically, and predictably. Our methodology ensures successful implementation through a high degree of project integrity, organization, and user participation. We bring extensive product knowledge and experience to help you take full advantage of the applications and generate the quickest return on your investment. Utilizing an accelerated approach, our comprehensive implementation services span our software solutions, while incorporating the skills required for each specific product. A scalable and adaptable approach which has been proven in successfully completed, cost effective and on-budget projects.

Managed Services

In today’s economic climate, IT executives are expected to meet their corporate objectives even though they are forced to reduce their budgets. One way to enjoy cost savings is outsourcing server administration and technology activities with CNC Managed Services, which provides:

  • Cost-savings advantages
  • The ability to free up internal IT resources, enabling you to focus on supporting core business functions and other corporate initiatives
  • The ability to access and leverage a pool of experienced CNC consultants
  • The capability to scale up or down resources as needed

WhiteLight Group offers custom CNC Managed Services that are tailored to your requirements. Our full-service solution offers the combination of experience and expertise. Our CNC team helps to ensure uninterrupted access to your ERP system throughout the course of each day.


Our upgrade approach helps your company get to that next level without the stress. We leverage new tools and support from the software providers to prepare for and execute your upgrade. Starting with the business case, we help ensure you realize the benefits that may be gained from your organization with the improved functionality.

We help meet the upgrade challenge by:

  • Determining the benefits of the new software
  • Determining the impact on organization, processes and technology
  • Making the business case for the upgrade
  • Effectively manage scarce resources
  • Identifying and minimizing refit of customization, interfaces, and modifications
  • Tailoring training approach to maximize user adoption and acceptance
  • Thorough testing of business processes using current data and configuration
  • Proper planning and project management to manage all steps to success

Our senior consultants will lead you through your migration, with best practices and WhiteLight Group templates, to ensure an efficient and well planned project.

Our goal is for a simplified upgrade process with the least interruption to your business.

  1. Modular and technical support
  2. Training development and deployment
  3. Business intelligence and reporting
  4. e-Commerce
  5. Staff augmention