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Through WhiteLight Group’s acquisition by Venture Technologies, we have created a powerful convergence of business applications and technology infrastructure. Our gloves are off. We have rewritten the rules for expanded services, security and reliability. We are now something bigger. Something better. A more powerful resource than anything you can find out there today. We are Venture Technologies Business Applications Group.

“Aligning our brands is a natural step in our successful integration progress,” said VT Business Applications Group President Paul Demes, “and publicly conveys our companies’ joint advancement in helping clients quickly adopt a more digital, mobile and collaborative enterprise.”

The new website includes product and services information to help visitors understand VT Business Application Group’s range of IT infrastructure and business applications solutions. EBooks, blog posts, videos, data sheets and case studies provide overview of VT Business Application Group’s capabilities across an array of industries, including manufacturing and distribution, asset intensive, consumer goods and public sector.

We chose striking images of Antelope Canyon, located on the Colorado Plateau in Page, Arizona. Antelope Canyon was formed as a result of convergent tectonics, just as VT Business Applications Group has formed as a result of the powerful convergence of IT infrastructure and business applications.

“Convergence connotes the union of our companies,” said Demes, “which now provide a comprehensive, integrated set of technology solutions that are unified with our clients’ business.”

Working with best-in-class business applications, VT Business Applications Group strives to offer even greater innovation, flexibility and a superior operational experience. From hosting to managed services, customers no longer need to deal with third party vendors and will benefit from U.S.-based data centers.

We will continue to provide customers with all the tools needed to automate and integrate business processes with industry-focused business applications and enterprise intelligence.


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